Donald Trump attends Albemarle Estate opening in Va

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By Suzanne Kennedy

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WJLA) - It didn't take long for a ribbon cutting at Donald Trump's winery to turn into a political campaign stop

Trump has been at the center of a self-imposed firestorm on illegal immigrants. In D.C. the debate is centered on his development of the old post office and whether construction workers there are in the U.S. legally.

Tuesday at the Albemarle County event, the Republican presidential candidate said those workers are legal.

“They've checked it very carefully and everyone says is there and by the way if you find someone...let me know we'll immediately fire that person,” said Trump.

Trump added “I think in the history of this country there's never been a building built that has been so careful having to do with illegal immigrants.”

In the wake of Trump's comments about illegal immigrants, several high profile restaurateurs have pulled out of the downtown Washington Hotel, something Trump said they may regret.

“They're going to pay me a big deposit, said Trump. They're going to pay me a lot of rent and they're never going to go in because they thought it was politically correct. Now all of a sudden everyone wants to go in.”

While this was a local event, Trump talked about the U.S. debt and said it could be like Greece on steroids...and added the U.S. needs to take back its jobs.

Trump used the purchase of this property as an example of a great deal...and said the "U.S. should be making better foreign trade deals to help fully restore the economy."

By Suzanne Kennedy

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